Tuesday, 24 September, 2013 10:35

Oracle OpenWorld 2013 Day 1

Had a fantastic day one at Oracle OpenWorld.

Here is the Collier IT group watching Mr. Ellison’s kickoff.

And a partial view of the humanity that is OpenWorld

From the Engineered Systems perspective the big announcement day 1 was the SPARC M6 – Terabyte Scale Computing.

Some of the specifics/features
12 S3 Cores running @3.6 GHz
48MB shared L3 Cache
Scalable to 32 processors
2 integrated 2×8 PCIe 3.0
4.27 billion transistors
3 Terabytes per second bandwidth
1.4 Terabytes per second memory bandwidth
1 Terabyte per second I/O bandwidth
384 cores
3072 threads
32 Terabyte system memory

This thing is quite the beast.

We were told that the M7/T7 chip is running in the lab now. It extends the software on silicon to include:
Database query acceleration
Application data protection
Java acceleration
Data decompression

The first day shows us that Oracle continues it’s growth in the SPARC space. Exciting things coming real soon in the Solaris/SPARC world.

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