TUESDAY, JULY 22, 2014

SnatchBrain, The ramblings of an IT CTO/Instructor

Information Technology

Man Vs. Machine

Rick and I chat again, Do us old dogs finally start to accept a GUI/BUI as part of our skill set ?

Information Technology

Different levels or skill sets of System Administrators

Rick Ramsey and I speak a bit about the different levels of System Administrators.

Information Technology

Oracle Virtualization

Taking a few minutes to cover some of the virtualization solutions from Oracle in one of our Oracle University classes


OOW pass and plane ticket bought, looking forward to #oow14 @MNCollierIT @OldManRamsey @OTN_Garage @Oracle_Edu
- Friday Jul 18 - 7:59pm

RT @Seth_M_Miller: @SnatchBrain is live in 5...4...3...2...1 http://t.co/X4jy34YKQD
- Wednesday Jul 9 - 4:42pm

The island of Bermuda and the city of San Diego have been shortlisted as potential host cities for the 35th America’s Cup. @OracleTeamUSA
- Tuesday Jul 8 - 10:57pm

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