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Oracle Database in the Cloud

Here is another of the “Direction Cloud” webinars.

We cover –
• Provision an instance and administer Oracle Database in the Cloud
• How to use SQL Developer to access instances
• How to use winscp to load data into the new database
• Leverage DBaaS Monitor to check the status of your database
• Demonstrate a step by step process to create a cloud instance from an existing on-prem database backup

And there is a lab guide that is available as well if you wish to perform the steps yourself. Reach out to info and I’ll get a copy to you.

Information Technology

Oracle Database backup to Oracle Cloud

Below is a webinar that demonstrates the ease at which one can create an Oracle cloud account, and then backup are restore a local Oracle database to it.

We created this using an Oracle Database Appliance as the source, any Oracle database instance can be used, it isn’t ODA specific.

There is an associated lab guide, reach out to and I’ll send you a copy via email.

Information Technology

Oracle ACE – for Systems Technologies

I’ve been honored with the designation of Oracle ACE for Systems Technologies.

Rick Ramsey @OTN_Garage OTN Garage Blog and I have been working to add a USA based Solaris/Systems Technologies ACE for close to two years. My most sincere thanks and appreciation to him for working with me and to my sponsors within Oracle for their recommendation.

My Profile can be viewed here and Ricks blog post can be viewed here.

The entry to this prestigious group is challenging. My application was declined twice. This is about technologists that freely give back to the community. Blogs, Social Media (I’m @snatchbrain), Authoring Technical Articles, Public Presentations, Industry Certifications, and networking are but some of the entry points that are evaluated by the program to gain admittance.

I have two personal challenges, the first is to assist anyone that would like to see what this program is about and to assist those interested in attaining the designation, and the second, is to continue to evangelize the technologies and work towards the designation of Ace Director.

If you are interested, please reach out to me and let me know. I want to help those that have an interest.

So, Collier IT has two ACE designated employees, myself, and Seth Miller. We look to growing that number both internal and external.




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